Current Status of the Police Investigations:

Tristan’s murder case is still unsolved.
The police are still looking for the unidentified murder with the help of a facial composite.
Current satus: June, 2024

Current announcements:

8 December 2021
New press article in a italian webzine about the murder of Tristan Brubach
The italian editor Alessio Pizzichi wrote an article for a True Crime webzine, based on the facts on our website.
26 November 2021
New press article in the German press about the murder of Tristan Brubach
A commissioner from German crime police tells us about the current status of the police investigations.
31 October 2021
The Nightmare-Inducing Murder of Tristan Brubach:
We were interviewed by a Finnish blogger
ForenSeek is a highly successful blog from Finnland, includig a podcast, a smartphone app and an Instagram account with more than 90 000 followers. We wish to thank for a very interesting interview!
16 June 2020
Maddie McCann suspect Christian B. is investigated over murder of Tristan Brübach
The man suspected of having killed Maddie McCann is now under investigation for the murder of Tristam Brübach. Christian B. looks similar to an phantom composite of the man suspected of killing Tristan. A prosecutor from Frankfurt says, they are checking whether there are any connections between the two cases. “In itself, however, this is not unusual, but routine.” So far there is no evidence that Christian B. is actually the murderer of Tristan.
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