Tristan‘s New Memorial Site

A permanent memento at the Frankfurt-Höchst cemetery

In April 2018, the so-called rest period of Tristan’s grave expired after 20 years, so that the grave was threatened with dissolution. Since Tristan’s parents have passed away, the fear arose that Tristan’s memory could disappear completely and he might be forgotten. Since it was not possible to preserve Tristan’s grave, a group of volunteers finally decided to erect a new memorial for Tristan near the grave.

In order to realize the new memorial for Tristan, the press called for donations. Soon enough donations from 20 to 30 people from all over Germany came together. After consultation with the green space office and the cemetery administration, the path was clear for the memorial.

An area on the cemetery Höchst was leased with the money donated. First, a marble slab was laid down, which formed the foundation for the new memorial. The volunteer group organized a memorial service on the 20th anniversary of Tristan’s death on 26 March 2018, at which the memorial was consecrated.

The elements of Tristan's grave remain preserved

Shortly after, the stonemason we had commissioned began his work. The aim was to preserve the two main elements of Tristan’s grave and to transfer them to the new memorial. The large white cross at the top of Tristan’s grave was cleaned thoroughly until it was once again as white as snow. A photo of Tristan was attached to the front of the cross and the cross itself was fixed to the marble slab. It was also important to the volunteers to preserve the large stone heart, which had been created at the request of Tristan’s deceased grandmother and which bears the striking and admonitory engraving “Tristan *1984 murdered 1998”. The heart was attached to the marble slab directly below the cross. The marble plate offers the possibility to arrange grave candles and stuffed animals. A small area in front of the marble plate also belongs to the memorial and can be used for planting flowers.

The memorial, as it exists today, was completed at Easter 2018. It is located just a few steps east of Tristan’s grave, which was leveled in November 2018.

We visit Tristan's memorial regularly

We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank all volunteers, the cemetery administration of the Frankfurt-Höchst Cemetery, the stonemason and all donors for making this memorial possible. Together we have succeeded in preserving Tristan’s memory despite the leveling of the grave. Since the lease for the memorial covers many years, a new place has been created where we can continue to mourn and remember Tristan together in the future.

We will take care of regular cleaning and planting of the memorial and report about it with the up-to-date photos on our Facebook page.
Tristan Brübachs Gedenkstätte im Juni 2018
Our picture shows the completed memorial
in June 2018. The place underndeath the marble
slap is regularly newly plant by cemetary visitors.
Tristan Brübachs Gedenkstätte im September 2019
Tristan’s memorial in Autumn 2019.
Tristan Brübachs Gedenkstätte im November 2019
Tristan’s memorial on All Saints 2019.

This is how you find Tristan's memorial:

The memorial is located just a few steps east of the place where Tristan’s grave was situated.
The cemetery Höchst is located at Sossenheimer Weg 77 in 65929 Frankfurt am Main.
A possible way to Tristan's memorial site
A possible footpath from the main entrance of the graveyard
to the memorial. (© Google / GeoBasis DE/BKG)
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Tristan Brübachs Gedenkstätte aus der Ferne
A view to the memorial from a distance.
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