Memories of Tristan

We are collecting memories of people who knew Tristan personally on this page. If you knew Tristan when he was alive you are very welcome to send your memories to or via our facebook page. Publication will be anonymous (as can be seen below) but the names of the persons quoted here are known to us.
„Tristan and I went to school together. I remember Tristan as a quiet, nice boy. He was always friendly and tried to avoid any conflicts. It also seemed to me that he was a little childishly naïve, as he always wanted to join groups no matter who they were. As if he were looking for friends. He was very generous and never said no if asked for anything. The last time I saw Tristan was during school break. He went home early that day and sadly never returned.”
“We knew each other from kindergarten and pre-school. We went on easter and autumn camps together. We played soccer together in Sieringstraße. We all vividly remember that day. Where we were when we heard about it. It hit me like a hammer. Nobody who wasn’t there the first few days [after Tristan’s death] can imagine how Tristan’s friends felt. None of us can ever forget him. This will stay with us all our lives. We often think of Tristan. How old he’d be now. What he’d look like. During camp, he sent me love letters and pushed them under the door. I only know Tristan as nice guy who was always looking for love and family. He always missed his mother a lot and was sad at times. We were children … and suddenly we realised you can die at any age. We are still crying today, with a heavy load inside. When I see a picture of him everything comes to the surface again … the fear … the sadness and the memory of his laugh, how he played soccer, how he sometimes teased me. I have told my children about Tristan, that is how he is kept alive in our memory.”
“Tristan was a joyful child. He was searching for friends. He did not have many, most of them were older than him. He was not anxious, but gave confidence to strangers quickly. Thanks Tristan that I got to know you.”
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