About us

This website was created voluntarily by private persons and does not serve any commercial or industrial purpose. We do not generate any revenues with this website and the associated social media channels. We ask to refrain from donations.

We did not know Tristan personally. Since Tristan’s parents have passed away, we have made it our goal to preserve his memory with dignity and to draw attention to his fate – in the hope that the circumstances of his murder will be resolved after all and his murderer will be caught. This is our heartfelt desire because Tristan’s fate touches us deeply. We act independently of any initiatives, associations or any other internet websites dealing with the murder case of Tristan or Tristan Brübach as a person.

As a child was brutally murdered we take very special heed to treat this topic with respect, dignity and reverence. We have taken every possible effort to design an appropriate and befitting website. We are not affiliated with the police but support police investigations.
We expressly dissociate ourselves from defamation as well as insulting statements and views directed against Tristan Brübach as a person, his relatives or the police. We also expressly distance ourselves from conspiracy theories and speculations on the Tristan murder case that are directed against the investigative work of the police or are of anti-Semitic, right-wing extremist nature or focus on spiritual and/or paranormal phenomena.
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