About serial killer Manfred Seel

He is not Tristan’s murderer – the manhunt continues

In September 2014 a woman made a horrible discovery in her father’s garage. Senior citizen Manfred Seel, who had passed away shortly before, had rented the garage and deposited some barrels there that contained body parts of a woman he had killed in 2003.

As became clear to the unsuspecting relatives, the 67-year-old deceased had led a double life, which remained completely undiscovered until his death. Seel was known to his neighbours in Schwalbach am Taunus as an inconspicuous and sociable family man who had worked in the clearing out and gardening business. Investigations after his death revealed that Seel was responsible for a cruel series of murders in the Rhein-Main area.

Extremely brutal serial killings

The police currently assume that Seel murdered at least five women in an extremely brutal and sadistic manner between 1971 and 2004. He severed body parts from his victims and removed organs, which he kept as trophies. Some theories such as cannibalistic impulses, Seel’s paedophilic tendencies or the cooperation of a possible accomplice are still being investigated and have not yet been proven.

Seel is classified as a man-hater. Investigators found 32,000 photos and videos on several computers, some of them with violent pornographic content.

Seel is not Tristan's Murderer

Initially, the police checked a connection to the Tristan murder case, as there were parallels to Seel’s deeds with regard to the modus operandi. For example, Seel placed the shoes of one of his murder victims in a certain pattern next to the corpse, while Tristan’s killer placed his shoes on the cuts of Tristan’s body.

Initially the police tried to take fingerprints from a clarinet that Seel had played, but failed. The investigators then exhumed Seel’s body and were able to take the prints of six fingers. A comparison with the fingerprint that Tristan’s murderer had left on his exercise book turned out negative.
In October 2017 Frankfurt police stated officially that Seel had been excluded as suspect. The search for the murderer is continuing.

  The Hessian State Criminal Police Office (HLKA) is still hoping for clues from the public. It cannot be ruled out that Seel has committed further murders.
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